Oct 31, 2013 11:44AM

10 Questions With MØ

Mostly about the Spice Girls.

Karen Marie Ørsted, aka , is a Danish electro-pop musician, whose debut EP Bikini Daze is killing it. The singer's always getting compared to Grimes — probably because both girls show a refreshing mix of influences and don't treat 'pop' like it's a dirty word. Named one-to-watch by music journalists and bloggers everywhere, she was in Australia this week, playing shows and meeting up with people like us, to talk the Spice Girls, growing up in small towns and honesty in music.

Jerico Mandybur: How did you first get into making music and what kind of music originally inspired you?
MØ: I started making music when I was 7 years old and at that time it was the Spice Girls who made me wanna be a pop star. When I entered my pre-teen years, it was Sonic Youth and punk that won my heart.
Can you describe your creative process? Do you have go-to formula for writing songs?
When I write songs it is because there is something inside of me that needs to get out. Writing songs/music is my drug, and whenever I’ve got something on my mind, I sit down and start creating. I work with the talented producer Ronnie Vindahl, and most of a tracks are made like this – I write the song and record all the vocals, send them to Ronni who then starts producing around it. Then we hook up and finish it together.
Does your debut album have an overarching concept? 
Youth, restlessness, longing for something, but you don’t know what is or how to get.
You're from a pretty small town in Denmark; what was it like growing up there?
It was isolated, but I had a great childhood, and I wouldn't be me without it. Growing up by the countryside, gave me my wondering mind, and I have a lot of memories walking alone on the meadows and in the forest – longing and dreaming of days to come. Also I'm glad I grew up outside of the city, 'cause when I got to the city, I had to fight for its acknowledgement.
Who is your favourite Spice Girl and what would your Spice name be?
My absolute favourite Spice Girl is Sporty Spice! My spice name would probably be something like 'Quirky Spice.'
How important is honesty in songwriting to you?
It means all...if what you write isn't honest but pretentious, then I don't think people will be touched by it. It's important to touch people – that is why I'm doing music...why I started, 'cause Spice Girls touched me when I was 7.
Where else (outside of music) do you find your inspiration?
From feelings, people surrounding me. Society, life...you know it. I also find inspiration in nature and solitude. Young minds.
If you had to create a supergroup, who would be in your fantasy line-up?
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on the mic and then Blood Orange and Major Lazer producing. Hehe – that could be great!
Can you send us a link to the best YouTube video we'll ever see?
For people who missed out; how would you describe your stage show? 
I always strive to be energetic and intense on stage. Again – it's about letting it out and be true to your audience.