Wrap Sheet: I.AM.GIA @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 4

Whale tales are back.

First Thoughts:
It’s a shame this show came veiled with a thick cloud of scrutiny after a series of features on Diet Prada. Whatever you think of the brand / this certain aesthetic of instagram hot chick, it’d be unfair not to admit that this was one of the more exciting shows of the week. Thankfully, there was no reference to their DP pairing, Daisy, in the design work. It was less sexy goth whose kink is knives and more Paris Hilton goes to Berghain once — sure, you’ll find a lot of early-2000s references here if you wanna get all fashion police, but in this context you’ve gotta be sure to apply that same criticism to the countless watered-down Zambesi collections that were also paraded this week. Also, the casting at this one was the best all week.

Feels Like:

Looks Like:

Sounds Like:

The Verdict:
Whale tales are back.

Images: Getty Images courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia