Shopped: Fantazia Stocks Iconic Rarities From Your Fav Fashion Heyday

Sweet sweet fantasy.

The late-90s/early-00s brought forth wardrobe wonders that still make us marvel: butterfly clips, Dior saddle bags, sunglasses built for outer space/cyber space, cowl necks and whale tails. Fantazia, a private showroom in Berlin and e-boutique in the WWW, is a purveyor of such finery.

“In an era where powerhouses like Galliano, Gianni, and Gaultier embraced the power of the female form, it’s no surprise that 20 years later, their designs are as celebrated and sought after like the day they premiered on the runway.” Fantazia’s Nadia Kanaan writes in the store’s mission statement.

“Especially in a present in which we’re force fed an endless digital feed of fast-fashion and hype trends,” she continues. “The fashion conscious among us desire originality and applaud creativity. With archival Instagram accounts resurrecting the magic of the runway’s golden age, Fantazia materialises that passion for the past by opening up it’s archival closet.”

And thank god it did because I have never seen so much of Dior’s Rasta moment in the same place at the same time.

Fantazia prides itself on thorough quality and authenticity checks, so you can really feel comfy knowing you’re getting the real deal. They also do restorations, tailoring and mending of minor defects, which is a huge tick (ask yourself: how many vintage pieces sit at the back of your wardrobe, waiting for you to legit never repair them like you said you would when you bought them 3+ years ago).

Scope some of Fantazia’s business in the snaps below by Peri Rosenzweig — shot on mates Stefanie Modares and Halle Lagatta while cruising through NYC madness.

Photography: Peri Rosenzweig
Models: Stefanie Modares and Halle Lagatta