Dec 11, 2015 6:52AM

6 Reality TV Shows To Hate-Watch This Summer

Simple plan.

Honestly, nothing will make this summer more memorable than getting horizontal and hate-watching a bunch of weirdos self-destruct on TV. Clear your overwhelming social calendar, let your phone die, and get ready to ignore the fact that you've got Doritos crumbs stuck under literally every key on your laptop, because these six reality shows are 100% better than the sunburn you'll get if you leave the house.

1. Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild follows ~socialite sisters~ Alexis Neiers, Gabby Neiers and Tess Taylor. You've heard these names before because Alexis is the main player in The Bling Ring — the true story of celebrity robbers on which Sofia Coppola based her film of the same name. After the pilot was filmed in 2009, Alexis was arrested, and you can follow that whole mess through to its dodgy resolution. The show is basically a car crash on loop, aka it's really, really good. 

2. Vanderpump Rules

If you've watched every single Real Housewives Of… (good on you/same), Vanderpump Rules is the RHO spin-off you deserve. It follows Lisa Vanderpump (of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) dealing with her spoiled asshole staff at her very posh West Hollywood restaurant SUR. Recommended for fans of failed actors, backstabbers and sexy scandals.

3. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

A reality TV show in the vein of Project Runway, but for aspiring artists. How counterproductive. Watch a group of artists who couldn't make it on their own try to make it on a reality show and still be taken seriously in the art world. Love this concept.

4. Ladette To Lady

Chavvy chicks rule everything, right?! A group of reckless English ladettes have five weeks to turn into real ladies the old fashioned way: via a finishing school. They fumble through flower arranging, needlework, and etiquette, and ultimately break curfew and get heaps tinned and ruin everything. There's also an Australian version, which is epic.

5. Gallery Girls

A group of annoying, bitchy, and over-privileged New York girls try to make their dreams come true in the art/fashion world. They are all really pretty but really bad at being friends and knowing what work is. Everyone sucks and it makes you feel OK about your humdrum day job. Perfect.

6. Candidly Nicole

If you liked The Simple Life, you're going to want to settle down and have at least 17 children with Candidly Nicole. It's nothing more than 20-minute dumps of Nicole Richie being a sass queen on subjects such as being an adult, online dating, and being a boss. Pure genius.

Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan