Jan 22, 2014 1:07PM

A Heartfelt Ode to Chanel Couture SS14

Pastel retro-futurism, under the sea vibes and haute sport via acrostic poem.

Couture should capture the imagination of the zeitgeist  — that was the message Karl Lagerfeld sent down the runway at the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014 presentation yesterday. The collection was lush — full of romantic, feathery and sparkling pieces, often cinched tight at the waste Barbie-style — yet sporty. Oyster girls Lindsey Wixson and Soo Joo Park, alongside mega-models like Cara Delevigne, repped elegant activewear, embodied in fanny packs, roller-rink safety gear and bejewelled boucle wool sneakers. The Chanel Haute Couture woman is on the move; she doesn't wait around

Shown in a circular, retro-futuristic space in the Grand Palais, the collection featured classic Chanel elements like a pastel palette and tweed jackets, but the subtext was techno classicism. There were sea anemone vibes (dat hair) and a neo-classical motif (dat recurring Edwardian-esque empire waist.) Karl's references are as diverse as ever, but they work together as if by space-magic. In honour of his genius, we wrote a poem:
C is for Crown Princess Cara of Chanel: Blushing bride, and winner of the best Couture selfie to date prize. 
H is for Haute Sport: Sneakers to the power of 63 looks, bum bags, and CC elbow pads. Because fashion is dangerous.
A is for Anemone Vibes: From halos of brussled-up hair, to electric raffia detailing and general iridescent wavyness. Pastel chic straight from under the sea. Ariel approves. 
N is for Neo-classics: Gowns paired with reams of fabric carried like old-world stoles, Edwardian-esque necklines and sheer, to-the-floor numbers sashayed through the Grand Palais and a million couture angels got their wings.
E is for Eye Candy: Thick, retro and Cleopatra-esque lid liner was teamed with a line of chunky, sequin-sprinkled shimmer drawn under the lash line.
L is for the Ladies: All our favourites were there — Lindsay, Ashleigh, Nadja, Cara, Soo Joo, Kati, Ondria, Xiao Wen, Saskia and Grace.
Photos: Sonny Vandevelde / Gianni Pucci / Yannis Viamos / @caradelevingne
Jerico Mandybur / Megha Kapoor