Sep 16, 2015 1:01PM

A New 'Charlie's Angels' Is Coming

Good morning, angels.

Forget the OG TV series, peak Charlie's Angels was Drew, Lucy and Cameron — the baddest bitches of the 00s. Actress/director/producer Elizabeth Banks is poised to top these un-toppable ladies with a new Charlie's Angels in the works to be directed and filmed by her.

Elizabeth, who's just proved her ability to steer an all-female cast to victory with Pitch Perfect 2, is in talks with Sony to reboot the franchise, because who needs new ideas when you've got old ones that did so well!

We're pretty sure nothing could surpass the combo of Drew Barrymore, Bill Murray and "The Chad" et al. fighting crime to a soundtrack of mostly The Prodigy, but hey, we'll give Liz the benefit of the doubt for now.

Time for some #TBs to our fave moments from our fave angels.

Cameron as Natalie, the loveable though barely believable nerd.


Drew as bad gal Dylan Sanders aka our spirit animal.

Bill losing the plot.

Lucy as a sass queen.


This whole montage.

The creepy thin man, aka Crispin Glover. <3

Spontaneous choreographed dancing goals.
The Prodigy on the track.
Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones