Aug 10, 2016 1:02PM

All The Things James Franco's Rainbow Ombré Hairdo Looks Like

Princess sparkle.

James Franco may have reached peak James Franco long ago, but his latest #stronglook is nothing short of amazing/terrible. The actor/writer/artist known for saying things like "I'm gay in my art and straight in my life", and doing things like reviewing his own performances and semen art just turned full Insta babe thanks to a funky rainbow ombré hairdo. *Signs out of 2016*

Jimmy debuted his new look on Instagram overnight, much to the delight of people who still live on Tumblr (and comparative analysts like us). The photo is captioned: "MADE in AMERICA RIFF RAFF (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon!!!" suggesting that the very real looking locks were grown arduously over the course of a year for the hip-hop artist's upcoming film clip. Behold:


MADE in AMERICA RIFF RAFF (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon!!!

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on


This situation is made even more ~meta~ by the fact that James Franco played a Riff Raff-inspired creepbag in Spring Breakers. And, according to Franco: "There will never be a movie or a character that is more important for this age than Spring Breakers and its protagonist Alien." Alright, buddy.

We could sit here all day speculating about whether or not James is trolling the world, but we're going to take a look at all the things his new hairdo reminds us of instead, because journalism. Here goes…

1. Summer Roberts' bff Princess Sparkle.

2. The grossest trend we ever wholeheartedly embraced: rainbow toe socks. *Entire body shudders*

Double ew to the ones that had smiley faces on the toes.

3. Most desirable schoolyard snack, Uncle Toby's Fruit Roll-Ups. Dat really real fruit tho?

4. Mildly difficult and very boring Nintendo 64 course, Rainbow Road.

5. A stunning and delicious accessory favoured by ravers and mums making lolly bags for kids parties.

6. An episode of Adventure Time.

7. This emoji: 

8. Your fave breakfast cereal.

9. Fun fact: rainbow Paddle Pops are actually caramel flavoured. Crazy, right?


10. And this guy:

Photos and GIFs: @jamesfrancotv, Tumblr

Lucy Jones