Apr 04, 2016 3:53PM

All The Things That Justin Biebs' New Dreadlocks Look Like

Feat. sea anemones, asparagus and cultural appropriation.

Keeping tabs on the evolution of Justin Bieber's personal brand is a great, albeit time-consuming hobby we're all pretty guilty of indulging in. You've gotta give it to his PR team — they've done a primo job of making everyone forget how much of a ratbag Justin was back in 2014, turning him back into the emotionally-in-tune-with-himself kind of guy that got him so many beliebers in the first place. 

And then he goes and spoils it all by getting dreadlocks. The guy who well-intentionally (but stupidly) defended Kylie Jenner's cornrows, after teen dream Amandla Stenberg called her out on it, has now debuted his own special flavour of cultural appropriation.

Dreads have been widely adopted by everyone from that stoner kid in your high school science class to almost every surf bro you've ever met, but that doesn't exempt them from falling within the basic definition of cultural appropriation. Which, as a reminder, is the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group, especially if the adoption is of an oppressed people's cultural elements by members of the dominant culture.

Appropriation aside, the internet has had a field day comparing his new controversial look to various people, animals and objects. Without further a 'do, here are some of the highlights...

Your average mop.

Lol jokes, your average mop dog. 

The Grinch's spindly fingers. 

Or Salad Fingers' spindly appendages. 

This little freestyler. 

The tentacles of a sea anemone. 

A dead plant. 

The root of all evil a wild carrot. 

Also, asparagus.

Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC. 

The hay that lines a hamster's cage. 

And, as current Seth Rogen pointed out, Seth Rogen back in the day. 


Photos and GIFS: @justinbieber, GIPHY, Tumblr 

Madeleine Woon