Jul 22, 2016 10:04AM

Amandla Stenberg & Mars Get Deep On Art Hoe Collective & Black Excellence [Watch]

Black femme solidarity.

Art Hoe Collective's Amandla Stenberg and Mars hung out at the Tate recently where they met up with legendary artist Lorna Simpson to chat about art, identity politics and black excellence. In case you're not familiar with Lorna's work, she's an artist and photographer whose work tackles the intersections of race, gender and sexuality with particular reference to the experience of being black in America. 

The video is a great meeting of artistic minds. In it, Amandla and Mars explain to Lorna why they started Art Hoe, with Amandla saying, "We realised that the work of people of colour has been institutionally excluded and so we felt like we wanted to have a space where kids felt comfortable sharing their artwork. It's kind of become this movement about self-acceptance and self-love as artwork." 

Then, the three of them take a walk through the gallery to look at Lorna's work, and it's real inspiring to see the mutual respect and admiration between the young artists and the more established one. <3 Get into the art chat below. 
Photo: via YouTube

Nadia Bailey