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Dec 04, 2014 6:45PM

Amber Rose's Imaginary Online Dating Profile [Shoot & Interview]

Get to know the "muva, milf, sweetheart, badass, balhead, scallywag".
Amber Rose is a model, actress and designer, but she's best known for her killer looks. News stories are written pretty much daily about her butt, her shaved head and her relationship with exes like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Four million people follow her on Instagram and Twitter. She's salacious, beautiful and she really does give zero fucks. We know because we shot the self-descibed "muva, milf, sweetheart, badass, balhead, scallywag," in LA and because she's good humoured, she filled out one of our famous online Imaginary Dating Profiles.  

User name: Amber Rose

Quote to live by: "Be financially compensated for your heart"
Age: Seasoned 
Location: Currently Los Angeles. South Philly born and raised.
Sexuality: Human beings with really great hearts and personalities.
Profession: Being a bad bitch
Political affiliations: I'll pretty much vote for anyone that is pro gay marriage and pro legalised marijuana.
Hobbies: Listening to loud ratchet music and dancing, playing with makeup, and shoe shopping.
Smoking habits: I don't smoke.
Things that annoy you: People that chew with their mouths open, gulp to hard when they drink, poor personal hygiene and sarcasm if it isn't funny. 
Want children: I have one little boy named Sebastian. He's almost two, and he's AMAZZZZZZING.
Drinking habits: Whenever I feel like it.
Diet: Carnivore
Relgious beliefs: I'm not religious but I'm spiritual for sure.
Music: Metal and Trap.
Sports: Baseball
Have/want pets: I have two fat little sleepy pugs.
Perfect first date: I'm a good food, good drink type of gal.
Impress me by: By jumping in the air and staying there.
On our first date, wear: Just be yourself 
Serenade me with: Sunflowers! 
Pick me up in your: A spaceship...Yes you have to be that cool for me to date you. 
NEVER ask me: To have a 3some. I don't share. 
Pet hates: I'm really scared of birds, butterflies, moths, pretty much anything with wings. 
Desirable attributes: A pretty smile, a great personality and if you can make me laugh? You can win my heart. 
What I've learnt from past relationships: Not to give too much of myself...Save some for just me. 
Perfect birthday present: Aww anything from the heart...And also very expensive.
Favourite YouTube: Susan Boyle…still. 
Favourite website: roseandono.com  
Favourite joke: What do you call a fish with two knees? A Tun-nee fish. My son loves that one. 
Photographer: Millicent Hailes  
Creative Director/Fashion: Soki Mak  
Makeup: Priscilla Ono using Marc Jacobs cosmetics