Feb 17, 2011 12:00AM

Another Yummy Fantasy

A brief survey on some ideas behind Melbourne sculpture right now.

Artists Christopher LG Hill, Ash Kilmartin, Joshua Petherick, Kate Smith and Alex Vivian have come together to present Another Yummy Fantasy II / trololol at TCB Art Inc, an artist-run initiative in Melbourne. Curated by Kate Smith and Alex Vivian and on until 19 February, the exhibition looks at various ideas surrounding sculpture in Melbourne's current artistic climate.

This is the second instalment of the exhibition, the first, Yummy Fantasy, being held in Studio 17 at Gertrude Contemporary in September last year. The works explored similar materials in monumental scale. Perhaps befitting to the comparative size of the two spaces, this second presentation seems more refined and ordered in nature. If you are in Melbourne over the next few days this exhibition is well worth a visit.

Image credits:

Another Yummy Fantasy II / trololol, 2011, installation view

Ash Kilmartin, The Travelling Mime, 2011, leather and silk

Alex Vivian, Scally (squashed against) glass, 2011, motorcross t-shirt, glass

Christopher LG Hill, Title unknown, 2011, various materials

James Deutsher, Orange Design, 2011, galvanised steel, powder coat

Kate Smith, American hobo culture, 2011, oil on linen

Liv Barrett, +13103596017, 2011

Joshua Petherick and Liv Barrett, Conceptual Midori (from arrangement series), 2011, scanner, glass resin, water, foliage

Words: Melissa Loughnan