Oct 16, 2014 11:23AM

Artist Turns Rap Lyrics Into 3D-Printed Grillz

Poverty vs. wealth rendered in gold.
NYC-based artist Roopa Vasudevan has produced a body of work that aims to analyse "the usage of language in mainstream hip hop lyricism, with particular attention paid to mentions of money." Her method of doing this is particularly rad. She picked songs with lyrics mentioning monetary extremes, mapped them and recreated them as 3D-printed, wearable grills.
The spiked irregularities of the golden teeth decor literally displays the tensions between extreme poverty and wealth, as portrayed in hip hop. Plus, they double as accessories. Considering grillz are often used as a symbol of 'making it' in hip hop, the fact that humble beginnings are common among rap stars and the hastiness with which the wider music industry consumes these tropes — there's a lot to unpack here. 
As Roopa explains, "the language was processed using the pygenius python library, and the models were created in processing, with the assistance of the geomerative and modelbuilder libraries. The pieces were then 3D printed in polished gold steel." See more about the project at her website!