Feb 04, 2016 2:31PM

Attn Kate Bush Freaks, Wuthering Heights Day Is Coming To Australia

It's me, your Cathy.

"The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever" is exactly what you think it is — an event that involves thousands of Kate Bush super fans (aka all normal humans) reenacting the 'Wuthering Heights' clip IRL.

Do you want to do that? Of course you bloody do! Well, the good news is that after popping off in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Canada, Denmark, America and Norway, Wuthering Heights Day is (finally) happening Down Under. On July 16, Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens will be the wiley, windy moors and you will BE Kate Bush. This is an unmissable opportunity to perform the dance you've spent five trillion hours of your life perfecting and take your frockiest red frock out for a spin.

The Facebook event already has 2.4k attendees so this is going to be big. HUGE! Brace yourself:
Photo: YouTube

Lucy Jones