Apr 14, 2016 6:19AM

Aziz Ansari And Eric Wareheim Shot A Pretty Loose Video For Kanye's 'Famous'

God damn.
Legit where do you even start with these two genuine clowns? Aziz Ansari and his match made in heaven Eric Wareheim have made the very excellent decision to dedicate part of their lives to making an unofficial video for Kanye West's 'Famous'.
The plot line is pure perfection: Aziz and Eric go HAM in Italy. The two school pasta and swill wine while half mouthing the words. They dance on sunny shores, in front of important looking buildings. And during Rihanna's interlude they cruise through small streets in black and white. Very romantic.
Petition to make this official because the only think better than food montages is Aziz and Eric. Now we have both. 

Hayley Morgan