Jun 09, 2016 4:16PM

BadBadNotGood & Mick Jenkins Drop Jazz/Rap Baby 'Hyssop Of Love'

Nothing but love.

Talk about a dream team — jazz/rap maestros BadBadNotGood have teamed up with cute guy/poet from way back Mick Jenkins on a dope new track 'Hyssop of Love'. Def not mad at it. 

Proven romantic Micky J goes deep on non-platonic feelings on the track with lyrics like: "I heard your blood was dry/ I heard your blood was dry / And I got what you need / I think I can be your guy / Nah this ain't no weed different type of high". As is their modus operandi, BBNG's production style is hella interactive, with flutes and an old school hip-hop-inspired beat coming together to lay the foundations for the loved-up vocals. 

Once more, BBNG prove they are the best in the biz at bringing jazz music to the youthz. Give it a spin below, and get hyped for their forthcoming album that drops on July 8.

Photo: Courtesy

Madeleine Woon