Jul 01, 2014 11:05AM

Beyoncé Declared World's Most Powerful Celebrity By Forbes Magazine

Who runs the world?

Bow down, fellas. Beyoncé has quite rightfully been crowned the World's Most Powerful Celebrity in Forbes Magazine's 15th annual 'Celebrity 100'. Why? I don't think I need to tell you why. But imma tell you anyway.

1. She started the year with this:

2. She embarked on the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, a spectacular exercise in live performance comprising more than 130 shows worldwide, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars, repping some of the most luxe tour merch known to humankind, and blowing the collective minds of fans and critics lucky enough to beyhold it.

3. In December 2013, she casually released her fifth studio album, Beyoncé, via iTunes, an audio/visual experience that moved three million units, broke the Internet, and spawned four singles: 'XO', 'Partition', 'Pretty Hurts', and of course 'Drunk In Love', a zeitgeist-clutching masterwork of improvisionational lyricism that introduced the world to endlessly quotable - and largely nonsensical - soundbytes including but not limited to 'graining on that wood', 'I've been drinking watermelon', and 'surfbort'.

4. According to the Forbes article, her indiividual earnings for the year was $115 million, almost double that of Jay Z (also in Forbes' Powerful 100) who looked positively dad-ish on stage at the Grammys next to his fierce ***flawless wife, who has well and truly taken claim of the 'power' stakes in the pair's status as 'power couple'.

No one else could have taken out the number 1 spot. You earned it, Bey.

Here's the Top Ten for the Powerful 100 (the rest of which you can flick through here).

1. Beyoncé Knowles $115 million
2. LeBron James $72 million
3. Dr. Dre $620 million
4. Oprah Winfrey $82 million
5. Ellen DeGeneres $70 million
6. Jay Z $60 million
7. Floyd Mayweather $105 million
8. Rihanna $48 million
9. Katy Perry $40 million
10. Robert Downey Jr. 10 $75 million