Dec 07, 2015 9:58AM

Bill Murray, Japan & Dogs Confirmed For Next Wes Anderson Movie

All your Christmases have come at once!

Just when you thought we'd reached peak Bill Murray/Wes Anderson, Bill has dropped the news that he will be playing a dog in Wes' upcoming Japanese-inspired, stop-motion film. TY universe, you're too good to us. 

There aren't too many details to obsess over yet, other than the following, very succinct soundbite from Bill: "It's a Japanese story and I'm playing a dog. I'm very excited." We also know that his voice will be joined by the voices of Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum and Bob Balaban, along with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

Wes has always shown an odd distaste for dogs in his films — from Snoopy, the lone fatality in Moonrise Kingdom, to Buckley, the Tenenbaums' loyal family beagle who dies in a car accident. Maybe this is Wes' atonement for the mistreatment of what is clearly the best animal? Or maybe a similar fate will befall ol' Bill? Either way, we literally cannot think of a better premise for a movie than Bill Murray playing a dog. 



Photo: Tumblr

Madeleine Woon