Apr 04, 2014 3:09PM

CLUES: Alice McCall SS14/15

Celebrating their 10th anniversary at fashion week.
Alice McCall is one of Australia’s most loved labels — they’re known for their instantly recognisable shapes. Anyone with a sweet tooth for jumpsuits, embroidery and sweet prints will be chuffed to hear that the eponymous brand is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year — with a party of an MBFWA show! Alice gave us some CLUES into preparation for next week’s show.
If your show was a YouTube video, what would it be?

If your show was a song?
Oscar Key Sung — ‘All I Could Do’
If it was a smell?
If your show was a reference image?
What about an emoji?
If your show was a selfie? 
Salvador Dali and David Bailey.

Photo: Gavriel Maynard