Jul 29, 2016 2:43PM

Collection Survey: 'Human Emotion' By DAISY

Renaissance girls.

Super talented duo Renee and Gibson Fox are back with a second range for their beaut label DAISY. After their first collection got the ultimate co-signs by getting picked up by Opening Ceremony and worn by Kimmy K, they've returned with a range that builds on the Lolita-cute vibes of Pure Country while introducing a more grown-up edge. 

The Human Emotion collection is full of 90s slips in velvet and lace, corset-laced dresses, and puffy, off-the-shoulder shirts, aka everything you need in your life RN. The range is out this week, and to celebrate we caught up with Renee to talk art, humanist theory and the importance of fantasy in fashion. 

What made you want to move away from the Pure Country girl into a more grown up vibe?
We've been looking into the 14th century philosophy, Renaissance humanism. Humanist theory was the catalyst for mankind's elevation from survival and superstition to self-awareness and enlightenment. It was the birth of modern thinking. We imagined the medieval wardrobe merging with the modern. A meeting of the savage and the civilised.

Were there any pop-culture or art references that played into this collection?
'Judith Beheading Holofernes' by Caravaggio (1598).

If this collection was a food:
Blood pudding.

If this collection was a song:
Black Sabbath — 'Changes'

If this collection was a mood:

If this collection was a YouTube video:

How important is the DAISY world, and creating sense of fantasy, to what you guys do?
I guess we think of fashion as a tool for the imagination. Why else create?

Pre-order DAISY's Human Emotion collection here

Photography: Gibson Fox

Nadia Bailey