Jul 19, 2016 12:40PM

Coolest Girl Paloma Elsesser Lands Body-Positive Nike Campaign


People on the social medias are losing it over Nike's latest sports bra campaign which, shock! horror!, features women with actual, non-tiny boobs. Heading up the campaign is all-rounder/all-round legend Paloma Elsesser who shows you how to flex in some swish sports get up. She's one of five fit chicks Nike enlisted to share true facts under the heading "Welcome to sports bra 101".

A quick scroll through the comments sections of the images shows how much people are vibing this body-positive campaign. Hooray for common sense advertising that markets sports bras to women of all sizes!

Each image includes a lil' fact about the sports bra's function and fit, leading readers to the Nike site for full profiles on the ladies featured. Writer/model/aspirational lady Paloma is joined by DJ/producer duo Angel and Dren, Yoga For Bad People founder Katelin Sisson and the creator of Trill Yoga Claire Fountain.

Check out the fresh/refreshing images below and head here for more info about the range.


Photos: @nikewomen

Lucy Jones