Sep 01, 2016 9:54AM

Die Antwoord Live To Rave In Trippy 'Banana Brain' Clip

"Die Antwoord is Jesus."

Actual royalty Die Antwoord just dropped the twisted af video for 'Banana Brain', the first single from their forthcoming Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid. We fink it's freaky and we like it a lot. 

The clip begins on a creepy religious note, with Yolandi playing the daughter of two slightly batshit/conservative parents. She prepares them a cuppa using the nicest china, and laces it with some kind of drug before taking it up to their room. Mum and dad are sitting in single adjacent beds, with mum cross stitching "Jesus is Die Antwoord" into a cushion, and dad reading the bible. Freak factor: 10/10.

After she successfuly zonks them out, Ninja drops by to pick her up in his hotted-up car and they go to the acid-rave of your dreams/nightmares. There's ~subtle~ references to convicted South African murderer Oscar Pistorius — Ninja is wearing fake blade legs and shoots at a bathroom door. At one point Ninja compares Yolandi's cuteness to Pikachu, which is dead on, then Yolandi pashes a fellow cyberdog queen, Ninja gives her an updated hairdo, and our brain starts to feel like a banana. 

Feel not normal below: 

Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid is due out on September 16, and DA will be playing at Origin Festival in Perth on NYE. 

Photo: YouTube  

Madeleine Woon