Apr 03, 2014 3:47PM

Drew Barrymore's 90s Makeup Tutorial

Plus we celebrate her best 90s looks #TBT.
90s poster child for being a hot yet realistic role-model; underdone yet mad foxy, Drew Barrymore has gone and done a tutorial for The Cut that schools fans on how to get her perfectly imperfect look. 
"It makes all of your makeup pop immediately!" says Drew of her favourite kind of 90s lipstick, a matte brick red. She then takes that brick red magic wand and blends it into the apples of her cheeks because she's resourceful and matchy-matchy like that ("I don't have too many colours working on my face.")
Elsewhere, she advises on how to get that piece-y bed head look: "You just get your fingers and like, jack it up at the root". She then pouts — gorgeous, a little glam and with the cool 90s spirit of one thousand Tumblr accounts — and takes a selfie.
Because Drew is pretty sick and because we throwback on Thursdays, we've arranged some of her best 90s beauty looks in the gallery above #TBT. 
Ever find yourself asking "What would Drew do?" Go on and steal that look.