Artist Makes Femme Bots That Respond To Your Feels

Sonic metaphor: 'Swarming Emotional Pianos'.

CNN's #AskACop Goes Very Wrong (Or Really Right)

Cynical digital marketing movez.

Earl Sweatshirt Tries To Explain Odd Future To Mike Tyson

They had a massive D&M about life, fear, and happiness.

Paris Is Burning Receives 2015 Legacy Award

The 1990 documentary gets the legacy treatment.

Cara Delevingne Immortalised (Weirdly) in Wax

Forever shall she creepily reign.

Rapper LE1F On Washington's Justice For All March

"The fight against inhumanity and injustice has become very united."

Oyster's Tacky Xmas: A Summer Guide

~Silly~ season tunes/tips.

Beyonce's Getting Sued Over Drunk In Love

How the hell did this sh*t happen?

Iggy Azalea x Britney Spears Confirmed For 2015 Release

It's "undeniably great," Iggy says.

Collection Survey: Hannah-Lee Jade's 'Mystery Of Structure'

Shot in Tokyo with PeniPeni Nakashia Daiki and Risako Yamada.

Merry GIFmas! Shop Oyster's GIF Guide

All we want for Xmas via OhLike.

Exclusive: Halfsleeve 'Streets' Summer 15

Amelia Zadro reps Bubble O'Bill.

Myla Dalbesio Talks Being An 'In-Between' Model

Wearing padding for 'plus-size' jobs and being too big for others.

Travel Diary: Rae Begley In Nepal

ANNAPURNA opening tomorrow.

Collection Survey: Fiona O'Neill's Paintings Come To Life

See her Central St. Martins graduate collection shot by Sam Evans-Butler.

Sky Ferreira & DIIV Respond To Allegations Of Bassist's Online Hate

After he was called out for offensive 4chan posts.

Rihanna, Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Troll Fans With Fake Movie

"When you have no choice, how do you choose?"

Meet The Quintessential Cannabis Smoker

Watches Family Guy, plays video games a lot.