Sep 30, 2013 5:17PM

Exclusive: 'Beata' Shot by Petra Collins

Starring the photographer's Mum.

For this shoot, photographer Petra Collins explored the relationship between her mother Beata, and herself. Suburban storytellers like Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman and Anne Sexton have all documented the 'unheimlich' nature of domesticity in their respective fields. Now Petra Collins spins her own tale — whether a response to theirs or a compulsion to record her own. Here, she tells us a bit about the shoot.

"My friend Julia and I came up with this concept because we are both interested in the idea of domestication in the context of suburbia. We wanted to explore the relationship between my mother and I. My mother quit her job to raise my sister and myself, so she spent a lot of time at home in the isolation of our suburb. This shoot is about that."

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Photography: Petra Collins
Fashion: Julia Baylis
Model: Beata