Sep 03, 2012 11:50AM

Exclusive: Insight x Mike Piscitelli in Jamaica

"I da best dagger master ever."

Insight's latest film Split Your Jeans, But Don't Break Your Dick was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, by one of our favourite contributors Mike Pisctitelli. It captures the carnal dance craze of 'daggering,' which has been a big part of Jamaica's dance halls for years, but its soaring popularity — and resulting injuries (hence the film's title) — have led the Jamaican government to outlaw it. Aside from the enthusaistic dance moves and Tammy Wynette soundtrack, the highlight of the film is the voiceover at the start. "As the girls see me approaching them their like, 'Noooooo Stitch, don't do it!"

Insight celebrates the freedom to dance without injury. Just don't try this at home. 

Directed by Mike Piscitelli and George Gorrow


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