Jun 07, 2012 11:34AM

Exclusive: Sportsgirl x Temps Des Rěves

We talk to fashion photographer Adrian Mesko about his scarf collaboration with Sportsgirl.

The latest Australian designer to collaborate with Sportgirl is Adrian Mesko under his label Temps Des Rěves. Born in Czechoslovakia, Adrian grew up in Australia and is now based in New York. As a fashion photographer he has shot for Vogue and Harpers, along with campaigns for Ellery, Therese Rawsthorne and even Sportsgirl. Adrian launched his luxury scarf label in 2010, which began — like many good things — as an experiment, when he printed photos from his archives onto silk squares. The capsule collection for Sportsgirl includes six 120 x 120 cm scarves derived from personal photos taken during travels in New York, Turkey and London. Retailing at $50 each, the scarves will drop online tomorrow and will be available in selected Sportsgirl stores from June 11.

Lucy Jones: When did you get the idea of printing your photos onto scarves?
Adrian Mesko: It all started with a girl, as it usually does. I printed one of my photographs for her onto silk/lycra. I had an offcut hanging on my door for about three to four years before the idea of the scarves rang a bell in my head [see the second photo in the gallery above]. I'm a slow burner.

What's the theme for the Sportsgirl collaboration?
As usual, it's got a little bit of nostalgia wrapped in adventures and travels.

Can you tell us the story behind the label's name?
It's all quite personal. The logo represents my greyhound and me aged 12. It's based on a photo my dad took of me the day before we emigrated from Czechoslovakia and migrated to Australia, and where my Temps Des Rěves — meaning dreamtime in French — began.

What is the process of making your scarves?
It's a magical process in the land of silk. The edges are beautifully hand-rolled by crafty little hands, each and every one of them.

Are you conscious of not putting a fashion photograph on an item of clothing?
No, if it works in the collection it'll find its way in. The Temps Des Rěves main line is quite different from what I made for Sportsgirl both in the fabrics and image choice. In fact, there are two pieces in the main collection that are actually from a fashion shoot in 2007.

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