Jun 22, 2015 5:06PM

Exclusive: Watch Pageant's 'Ladies' Fashion Film, Shot By A Drone

Rise of the machines.

Robots — is there anything they can't do? They can dance, shop the darknet, make art, and even seduce you on OkCupid. It won't be long until robots rise up against us Terminator-style and take over the world. But before that happens, we can enjoy the novelty of having robots do cool things, like in this new video from Melbourne label Pageant, which was shot entirely by drone. 

Pageant designers Kate Reynolds and Amanda Cummings have created a collection full of contrasts: fairy-floss pink and black latex, sxc bodycon knits and easy-going culottes, Japanese text and Australian flava, which are all on fi-ya in the following short. The video also features Cassie Van Den Dungen stalking an industrial landscape and looking good on drone-controlled camera. 

We're proud to present this exclusive video, directed by Antuong Nguyen and soundtracked by the synth-y, melodic sound of Suicideyear
Directed by Antuong Nguyen.
Assistant Director: Chloe Stevens
Fashion: Megha KapoorWork Agency
Fashion Assistant: Samantha Rhodes
Hair & Make-up: Samantha Patrikopoulos
Text Animation: Matt Greenwood
Credits: Tristan Ceddia @ Never Now
Model: Cassi Van Den DungenWork
Motorbike: NAX Motorbike Hire
Music by Suicideyear.

Nadia Bailey