Oyster Fashion: 'Candy' Shot By Amber Mahoney

I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater.

Michael Uzowuru Is The Most Feel-Good Person In Music Right Now [Oyster #106]

"I'm so sorry I missed your call — I was dancing to the Skype ring tone."

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Our only solace is Abbey Lee's eyes.

Manning Cartell's Colour-Soaked India Photo Diary

"We hope to tap into the collective consciousness."

Oyster #106: Laverne Cox

"My artistic pursuits have been what has saved me from bitterness and resentment and self-destruction."

Collection Survey: Samantha Pleet SS15

Feat. dream girl Heather Boo.

Oyster #106: Tyler, The Creator Introduces Three LA Creatives To Watch

"I would fight for my right to be able to do exactly what I'm doing right now in my life."

The One: Chanel Vintage Sequin Bag

Shine bright tonight.


No need to argue.