Oct 20, 2016 3:41PM

Frank Ocean Rocks Into The White House Wearing Vans, Gives Lol Interview [Watch]

Frank for President.

Frank Ocean just gave a super rare interview in which he discussed Vans, Obama and probably being too late to publicly endorse Hillary. Rolling into the White House with his mum (cute) for the Obama's last state dinner, Frank was called aside by a v confident interviewer who probs defs didn't know much about Frank Ocean.

The opportunity to speak with music's most mysterious guy was mostly spent discussing his ~controversial~ footwear choice. "First of all I have to ask about the shoes, can you wear Vans to the state dinner," the astute interviewer enquired. "First time doing it, probably because it's my first time here," Frank replied. She then pressed him for more info on this important issue, asking: "So what was the thinking behind the the Vans, was it to make a statement? To be casual?" "You can't think, you just have to do things…" was Frank's lol/unimpressed response.

Ya boy Frank was also asked what he was most looking forward to about the evening, to which he replied: "Asking Obama if he had fun these last eight years."

And finally, he got grilled on whether or not he'd throw a concert for Hillary and he said probs not, adding: "We're running out of time I think, I might have to catch her in four years." Lel, love you Frank.

Photo: Twitter

Lucy Jones