Aug 01, 2014 11:18AM

Friday Feed: Cybersex Edition

In honour of the best archival video ever.
You've seen this right? If not, do yourself a favour — get comfortable, press play and get ready to "type with one hand." Oh, and don't forget to take your top off — while this very horny video, found on the world wide web, introduces you to the world of cybersex. And here we were, thinking computer sex involved putting dicks into ethernet ports!
Speaking of all thing porn-like, have your heard of Fapworthy? It's like Upworthy but for porn. Taking the clickbait trend and using it to emotionally manipulate people into watching porn with headlines like “When a patient was in a coma this nurse tried something drastic. It worked, but Obamacare doesn’t cover it.” It's both genius and satirically on-point. And of course, it's run by the innovative pervs over at Pornhub
Speaking of archival internet videos though, this one is a doozy. It's from the Found Footage site as well and it's all about that #relatable rite of passage, puberty.
Elsewhere on the internet — not only is Aziz Ansari a flippin' legend, but his Parks & Recreation character Tom Haverford has the best and most genius business ideas ever. Here's a super cut of them all! Can't go past Saltweens: Saltines for tweens.
If you're going to follow anyone new on Instagram this weekend, let it be this magical human being. His name's Micah Da Mac and he's an Atlanta-based professional wig maker with some of the best Instagram videos of all time. Especially if you're a sucker for glamorous hair flicks. Observe:
Lastly — and you knew this was coming — here's DMX losing is shit on a scary ride; proving once and for all that those grunting noises he makes are completely involuntarily.