Jun 06, 2014 2:43PM

Friday Feed: Internet 4 U

Feat. Obama, Zooey Dechanel eyes, Rihanna, grunge and cats.
It's friday! The day when everybody's attention span has been sucked dry by the week that was. We feel you, noncommittal clickers. That's why we've started bringing you you these bite size chunks of internet goodness. Consider it your one-stop alternative to having to traverse the inane banter on Facebook, just for a LOL. Thank us later — let's do this. 
Here's the worst/best promotional video ever made, ever.
Oh nothing, just the worst answer to a Wheel Of Fortune clue of ALL TIME.
These cats will not turn down (for what).
The moment this Bud Light commercial aired was the exact moment that grunge died forever.
Obama, elsewhere in space and time, is feeling the burn.
Birds with human arms. Get 'em here.