Jul 18, 2014 2:23PM

Friday Feed: Joaquin Phoenix's (Rotated) Forehead Edition

Plus Rainbow Brite, Ron Swanson & Siberian hell mouths.

Another week, another pile of internet run-off that, quality as it might be, we didn't have space to post elsewhere. This first one is such a doozy that we needed to put it in the title. Simply put, it's Joaquin Phoenix's (rotated) forehead in Her — but it's so much more. Just watch it.

Have you heard about the mysterious 262-foot hole in the ground in Siberia? Apparently, it just appeared one day. Some scientists believe it could a melted ice formation, but we know the truth and it has everything to do with the hell mouth in Buffy.

Elsewhere in the world (Philadephia), there's a majestic marble statue that looks exactly like Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation.

Singer Catey Shaw is attempting to do for Brooklyn what Katy Perry did for California — represent the girls that live there all kinds of wrong. Can't even.

Want to get your skin clear, halt ageing and look like a gal-in-the-iron-mask? Here's this messed up LED light-generating face mask, as seen in the New York Times.

Lovers of EDM, ravers and people who like Sriracha sauce, unite! Because the spicy company is throwing a dance festival in California, complete with Sriracha-inspired meals.

Speaking of ravers, Rainbow Brite is the latest franchise to get a nostalgic film makeover, following on from recent news that Jem — the 80s kids show that's already inspired a few of foul online remakes — but will get a movie soon too.

Photo: tmcdizzle827