May 23, 2014 2:03PM

Friday Feed: Today On The Internet

Feat. bunnies, Kimmel, Cage & personal space fashion.
Feeling some mid-Friday restlessness? Need some light reading? Let us help. We're the Kings of light and fluffy. While past Friday Feeds have been both alarmingly specific and ultra broad, this one is dedicated to every damn good thing we've seen on the internet today (that we didn’t have space/time to explore in greater detail elsewhere.) Let's begin y'all.
Baron of ironic super cuts and legitimate Hollywood actor, Nicholas Cage has been depicting raving psychotics and unhinged charmers since before you were born. That's why this mash-up of all his laughs on film is over 20 minutes long. And worth every second. 10/10 would watch again. You can't embed it, so click HERE
The latest in Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' has come out and we're calling it — it's the best yet. Gary Oldman is in it! Matthew McConaughey is in it! And apparently he's a 'dick turd'. 
Need some space? Try this inflatable Personal Space Dress!
Meanwhile, Banksy was named 'Person of the year' by The Webby Awards. In lieu of a speech the elusive street artist released a video, detailing his 'residency' in New York earlier this year.
Here's a bunny eating raspberries! Your mind will blow.
Oh nothing, just the world's fastest robot on legs.
Want to go to the moon — with Leonardo DiCaprio? Well if you have a spare million, you're in luck because the actor just auctioned such a trip off. It's happening.
Guess what else? The cop that was present at Tupac’s time of death (or before he did a 'face off' and escaped to that island) has come out and revealed his last words. The cop asked Tupac, "Who shot you? Who shot you?" but Tupac Shakur was no snitch — he used his last few breaths to reply, "Fuck you."
Last but not least, watch this son scare the shit out of his father over the course of a day. Gold.