Apr 12, 2016 7:38PM

Grimes Is Working On Chill New Album And Lana Del Rey-Style Edition Of 'Art Angels'

Synth dreams.
Actual art angel Claire Boucher hasn't stopped since the recent release of her newest record Art Angels. She's just put it out there that she is already working on a new record AND a Lana Del Rey-inspired edition of Art Angels.
The reissue will feature discarded demos and B-sides that came about during the making of Art Angels, and the new record will take a heaps chill direction.
In an interview in the latest Rolling Stone, Grimes says "I'm actually halfway done with another record… With Art Angels, it was all like [growls]. This would be more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit. That makes it sound boring. It's not boring." 
As for the new edition of Art Angels, "You know how Lana Del Rey put out Paradise Edition after Born To Die? It would be like that. There are songs I seriously considered for Art Angels, but they fucked with the momentum when I tried to put them on the record."
This is great news for everyone involved.

Hayley Morgan