Jan 17, 2012 12:00AM

Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!

We look at our favourite Moss moments as the model turns 38.

Diminutive supermodel extraordinaire Kate Moss turns 38 today. A colourful player in the modelling game, the poster child for wild life, nay, wild life in excess, has seen unrivaled successes that splash across an ever-controversial backdrop. Heroin-chic - she coined that. Ubiquitous eating disorder speculation? She's a prime source. And partying? She can do it, no problems.

However, despite any scandals that could usually tarnish a public person's career, Moss is an unwavering testament to sustainedly killing it beyond any ordinary use-by-date for a model. At her 38 years, she holds the #2 Icon position on models.com (succeeded only by other-worldly Brazilian Gisele Bundchen) who claim that "no model working, right this second commands more covers and campaigns." What's more, her personal off-duty style is glorified by the fashionista-inclined, having been responsible for the rise of innumerable trends from gladiator sandals, black skinny jeans, leather leggings and lots of leopard print. Worthy then, we think she is, of the retrospective tribute that follows. Now obviously we could have included a million things, on account of her being Kate Fucking Moss, but the internet is giant and sometimes scary, so you can just check out some favourite Moss moments below.