Feb 24, 2014 4:34PM

Hayao Miyazaki Explains His Retirement


Hayao Myazaki, anime legend and the guy behind many of your favourite mythical creatures like this bro, thisand this has explained in an interview why he is retiring — pretty sad news to the many devotees of his stunning work. Having previously announced retirement before proceeding to make more films, the decision seems totally final this time around. 

With an incredibly admirable devotion to his craft, and one of the few remaining 2D animators who produces entirely drawn films, the decision came about from an inability to continue to provide this level of work to each film. As the director said, "I really felt that this was the maximum that I could give to produce an animated film. The work of animation is building up bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar. I felt I wouldn't be able to put [up] another brick."

Myazaki, held an clear affinity for detail and process that goes into his style of work, saying "Well personally, I like more 2D animation. For cars, I love manual transmission. That's the difference, I believe. Of course, right now you have a lot of options for creating an animated film. When I see people working on computers creating animation, it's watching something magical happening. But I turn back every time to my pencil and paper. That's only how I can explain it to you. The good news is that he'll continue to work on "exhibition projects and short films" for the Ghibli Museum, and has mentioned the possibility of creating a manga comic, so here's to Miyazaki, and the hope of more incredible works to come.


Photo: Ken Ishii