Dec 02, 2013 11:08AM

Helvetica: The Perfume


Totes quirky branding company Guts and Glory have invented a perfume inspired by what is arguably the best font ever, Helvetica. While the Swiss typeface is great and all — only typography nerds could truly appreciate this bottle of water. Oh, we didn't mention that it's full of water? It is. There's no smell. Nothingness. Full of only "the purest and most essential elements" (air and water) the 24-carat gold lettered bottle retails for $62.

But it's not just an elaborate prank. Co-creator Megan Paradise tells The Cut "Our product is a comment on the perfume industry and water, and its commercialisation," adding "What we, as humans, smell like, is lovely. There's the idea that we don't need to alter ourselves or what we actually smell like. Smelling like nothing isn't necessarily nothing...[Perfume is] an amazing category of absurdity in a lot of ways."
Like the Twitter account of Kim Kierkegaardashian, but a lot less bleak, the Helvetica Perfume Twitter is an absurdist celebration of a particularly modern nothingness — and unlike the actual perfume, it's free!