Aug 08, 2014 6:05PM

Interview & Shoot: Ariel Pink

Shot by Dana Boulos in a discount store and a florist.
Ariel Pink is so prolific that he's something of an urban legend. Apparently the psych musician, Saint Laurent model and artist has recorded far over 500 songs of hundreds of cassette tapes and records. Right now though, he's not the Haunted Graffiti's frontman. He's just in a discount store in LA with photographer Dana Boulos and co. They managed to pin him down for a few questions. 
Madeline Sensible: How are you?
Ariel Pink: I'm sleepy. I had a big lunch. 
You released your last record Mature Themes in 2012. What have you been up to since?
We toured around the globe for a bit. Then got home and began working on a number of projects, soundtracks, productions, collaborations, and the odd live show. Over the past eight months, when I wasn’t busy, I worked on the newest AP record for my label 4AD.  
Are you currently working on a new record? 
Nope. I just finished! 
Who or what has been influencing you lately?
I have been steadily under the influence of Don Bolles for about six months now! Pray for me!
I saw you perform last year inside of a church in LA, your live shows are pretty unpredictable. What goes into your live performance; how do you prepare?
We just play shows, prepared or not. There's no substitute for the experience itself except for more experience. Weird how it works out, but indeed it does just that.
What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you during a performance?
When I was on stage half naked, under layers Nutella, making out with a mummy wrapped in toilet paper.  
Recently you came out with a collaborative track called 'My Molly' with Sky Ferreira. How did you guys decide to write together and release the track?
She wanted to do the track and we more or less rehashed the 1998 banger for a new era, with the help of trusted cohort and monster of top line production Justin Raisin, aka White Bronco.
Do you like collaborating with other artists? Who is your dream musician to collaborate with?
James brown. I don't know. Phillip Glass? Oh wait, that's already happened!
How would you describe your style in three words?
Pre-arielpink heavy psych. 
Photographer: Dana Boulos 
Assistant: Fiona Feder
Interview: Madeline Sensible