Jul 14, 2015 11:35AM

Justin Bieber Defends Kylie Jenner's Cultural Appropriation

Just why?

Just when you thought the cultural appropriation debate was getting some legitimate air time, Justin Bieber has come out with a well meaning (but pretty dumb) opinion on the issue.

To recap: Yesterday, teen legend Amandla Stenberg called out Kylie Jenner for appropriating black culture when Kylie posted a pic of her new cornrows on Instagram. Kylie's facepalm-inducing response showed that she did not want to get into it with Amandla so the Beibz has seen fit to step in and defend her honour. Bless. 

Justin left the following comment on Kylie's insty making clear that he probs doesn't understand the issue of cultural appropriation (which isn't surprising if you've witnessed the evolution of his personal brand) and just wants everyone to get along like they did in middle school.

Photos: Instagram

Lucy Jones