Oct 23, 2013 9:52AM

Kanye West for Margiela

The man in the couture mask.


Newly-betrothed rapper and lover of couture, Kanye West, kicked off his Yeezus Tour in (the grungiest of places) Seattle, recently. "But what was he wearing?!" you ask. He was wearing Maison Martin Margiela. Lots of it. The Belgian minimalist lords reportedly supplied Yeez-dawg with "10 couture pieces, 20 ready-to-wear, and an exclusive pair of trainers," according to the Telegraph. The clear highlight of the tour wardrobe is Kanye's masks. Like Kim Kardashian before him, he's covering up his facial regions for the greater good — in this case, an ambiguous sense of arty-ness. 
The masks in question are from MMM's FW13 Couture collection and are made out of tiles, mirrors and studs. Strong statements, all. They may not be there for the whole Yeezus Tour though. Kanye's stylist and Been Trill bro, Virgil Abloh tweeted "All visuals are temporary," in relation to the tour looks, so everyone just calm down! Surely, if Margiela is the opening act, the fashionz are only going to get wilder. and more layered warrior-esque. We hope.
Photos: Splash