Nov 26, 2012 1:43PM

Karlie Kloss x Ryan McGinley

Shot on location in Nicaragua.

"It's about 4 o'clock on a Thursday, and a caftan-bedecked Karlie Kloss is perched on the edge of a gigantic, fuming volcano crater, her bare legs and feet dangling into the hazy void. "Make it look more adventurous," calls out Ryan McGinley, the photographer snapping her from an equally precarious spot on a nearby outcropping of rock." And so begins The New York Times' travel feature on Nicaragua.

The article explores the Central American country's burgeoning tourism industry post-civil war, and the effect that United States wealth and development is anticipated to have on this. The accompanying shoot sees Karlie wearing Balenciaga Resort while meeting a wild boar, Gucci while climbing a tree and Chloé while perched on the edge of that volcano. The shoot does much to extend the article's argument and reflect its title ('A Delicate Balance'), painting a subtle contrast between the manmade (seriously high end fashion) and the natural, unruly environment.