Jul 21, 2016 9:54AM

Kirsten Dunst & Dakota Fanning Are Bringing Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar' To The Big Screen

I am, I am, I am.

If you're a certain kinda girl, the poetry of Sylvia Plath has held a very special place in your heart since you discovered it in the most emo stage of your adolescence. And, although you've grown out of many of your teenage affectations, you've probably never quite been able to give your love of Sylvia up (shout out to anyone who can still recite 'Lady Lazarus' verbatim).

So here's one for all the die-hards out there: Sylvia Plath's haunting, proto-feminist novel The Bell Jar is coming to the big screen. The book, which was released in England just a month before Plath committed suicide, follows the story of Esther Greenwood — a ferociously intelligent young woman who moves to New York City for a magazine internship (haven't we all), only to find that the reality falls short of her dreams. Touching on issues of gender, societal expectations, and the experience of depression, it's essential reading for Plath fans (and her only novel). 

The Bell Jar was adapted as a movie once before back in 1979, but wasn't particularly well-received or remembered. This time, there's very little chance of that given the calibre of the people involved: this adaptation has been written by none other than Sofia Coppola muse Kirsten Dunst (in collaboration with Nellie Kim), with Kirsten also set to direct it. Dyyyyyying.  

Taking on the lead role of Esther Greenwood will be your girl Dakota Fanning, making this movie adaption officially the best thing ever. The only bad news is that we now have to wait for ages to actually see it, as production is set to start in early 2017. Until then, grab your dog-eared copy of Ariel and just really feel some feelings. 

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