Nov 07, 2016 11:41PM

Lady Gaga Obv Cast As Donatella Versace In 'American Crime Story'

You betcha.
The bros over at American Crime Story recently announced their incred third season subject as the hugely suspicious murder of Gianni Versace. The news came with mass begging for Lady Gaga to play Donatella, and isn't this just a case of ask and you shall receive coz her role has just been tipped off. Legit fab.
It'll be Gaga's first whirl at American Crime Story, though she's been front and centre in Ryan Murphy's other series American Horror Story. Still no word on Naomi's part.
Versace/Cunanan is set to be a 10-episode deal, with a bit of conspiracy. Gianni's murderer is known as Andrew Cunanan, no questions. So rather than this series questioning guilt, it questions motives. Andrew took his own life on a boat with the same gun a week after the murder and police said that they didn't know why he did any of it, and that they may never know. Some thoerists reckon it's mob-related.
The series has no release date, but is expected to go into production early next year once the second season starts filming.
Photo: Versace

Hayley Morgan