May 04, 2016 10:43AM

Lil Yachty Sails On A Little Yacht, Confirms He's #1 In New Video

*Whale emoji*

Lil Yachty with the good hair just dropped the video for his banger '1 Night' and it's a thousand types of sick. There's a lot of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V going on, with the end result looking like all your best Year 6 Microsoft Paint work finally coming to fruition.

On a yacht off the coast of somewhere, Lil Yachty raps about all the baggage that comes with being fah-mous — mainly everyone trying to be wifed by you when you just want them for one night. Eugh, hate that. There are kittens, Bill Cosby's crying face, the best sweater in the world and Yachty hugging it out with a hammerhead shark. Prepare for minor fiya-induced brain implosions below: 


Photo: YouTube 

Madeleine Woon