Apr 21, 2010 12:00AM

Local Natives and Lions

Oyster recently caught up with Andy Hamm of The Local Natives for a quick fireside chat about animals and other things.

How would you describe your sound?

Concentration on melody and rhythm w/lots of vocals.

What have you been up to since SXSW?

Keeping ourselves busy playing shows on the road.

Take us through two of your favourite tracks from *Gorilla Manor*?

-1. Wide Eyes- Its one of the last songs we added to the album and hence is a bit newer. The fact that it still has a very fresh feeling combined with a slightly different styled bass line compared to most of the other tracks makes this song very enjoyable for us right now.

- 2. Shape Shifter - A relatively simple, but very powerful and beautiful song for me to play. We recently added this to the set and are working the live kinks out.

What's up with the animal theme in your name and album title? What is your favourite native animal?

We never really thought of animals when we came up with the band name, but we can see why it would conjure up such images. The album title was a play on words that Ryan threw out there one day. It was a twist description on the house we all lived in together. My favourite animal right now would be a desert lion. I recently saw a special on them and became really intrigued.