Nov 10, 2016 9:31AM

Mac DeMarco Offers His Hand In Marriage For Anyone Keen To Move To Canada

Top bloke.

Chill-out pro Mac DeMarco just sent a beautiful gesture out to those mourning the truly terrible state of American politics/the entire world rn. Ever the classy gentleman, Mac offered up his hand in marriage to anyone wishing to flee from Donny Trump's ~great~ new America. If the overload of visitiors that crashed the Canadian immigration website yesterday are anything to go by, he'll have a few takers.

Mac kept his proposal pretty #2016, posting a pixelated picture of an emoji ring on his Instagram captioned: "Trying to move to #Canada?". Form a line ladies (and gents!).


Trying to move to #Canada?

A photo posted by @macdemarco on


While Mac's gesture is obviously a joke, measures like this are probs going to be a serious reality very soon. Cheers, Trump!

Photo: @macdemarco

Lucy Jones