Dec 04, 2013 3:24PM

Mandy Moore: 90s Beauty Icon

And unlikely fashion heroine.

We wanted to be Mandy Moore when we were in highschool. Hell, we still want to be her. Her late 90s pastel fashions were babin' and her shimmery-meets-glossy beauty looks were well on-point. Circa the 'Candy' video, our bubblegum heroine was all up in the bandeaus with baggy jeans, Skechers with arm bands and walkman-on-your-waist trends — all of which she committed to and mastered. 

The not-so-obessed-with-candy, contemporary Mandy spoke recently about her 90s/00s era beauty routine, saying "I did my makeup on tour myself. It wasn't glamorous! There was a lot of MAC Lipglass. But really, I’d wear anything that resembled bubblegum — the pinker and the glossier the better. I loved pearlescent everything. I was blessed with good skin, so I don’t think I wore base. I just wore blush, lipgloss, and eye shadow." 

She continues, "It was the same for my first music video, 'Candy.' That was a lipgloss-centric video. I was 15 and I was like, 'Yeah, I'll do and wear whatever!' It’s so 1999 — that spiky hair! That was not my idea. [Laughs] I was just emulating what I had seen in music videos — it was the era of TRL. As I got older, I had more to say about my style."


Kind of wish her style had never changed, but oh well — the internet is here to comfort us. A quick google search reveals some of Mandy Moore's best fashion and beauty looks. Don't pretend you don't love them.