Mar 11, 2016 12:19PM

Mariah Carey Is Finally Getting The Reality TV Show She Deserves

*Glitter rain*

Glitter anomaly Mariah Carey is about to get her own reality show, because someone finally realized that Mimi and our TV screens belong together. The synopsis can assumedly be summed up in one word: diva.  

The show, or best thing to happen to us in yonks if you want to get specific, has the working title Mariah's Squad — because we're clearly not done with misusing that word yet — and will go #BTS of her Las Vegas residency, forthcoming Euro tour and greatest hits album. We're not screaming, you're screaming.

Unfortunately for our eyeballs, the TV crew will also be capturing some of Mim's personal life, meaning there's a high chance her fiancé James "Casino" Packer will get some air time. 

To compensate, hopefully our new favourite show of 2016 will include...

Many oversized shades.

Shade of a different, more enjoyable kind.

Also, to the producers: if you're out there and listening, can we please bring Jenny Lopez on set so they can finally meet each other?

Divadom and a fab wardrobe. 

Maybe some Will Smith?

And, of course, a soundtrack that (at least) includes:

K, thx, bai!

Photos and GIFs: @mariahcarey, GIPHY

Madeleine Woon