May 17, 2016 11:28AM

Mariah Carey's Reality Show Gets Fab AF First Trailer

Body is ready.

A little while back, we literally couldn't even over some news that promised to change the course of history forever: Mariah Carey, aka the closest thing we'll ever have to an IRL goddess, was getting her own reality show. Now we've got confirmation in the form of an official trailer that's dripping in expensive wine, fur and outta-this-world sass. 

The trailer kicks things off with footage of glitter literally falling from the sky at one of Mim's concerts, before the ~salt of the earth~ diva proves she's totally relatable, first indirectly by practising how to casually say her name to the camera: "Hi, I'm Mariah Carey, hey, it's Mariah Carey", and then just straight up directly by telling us: "I'm like anybody else." Sure, babe. 

There's a stack of other classic Mimi moments, like when she puts out candles on her birthday cake with a glass of champers, and when she reminds us of her rule that states she won't be seen in fluroscent lighting without sunglasses. Pls never change. 
Photo: @mariahcarey

Madeleine Woon