Apr 17, 2012 12:58PM

Mark Vassallo VS MBFWA – An Introduction

Oyster is pleased to announce Mark Vassallo's exclusive MBFWA journal. We take a peek at the man behind the beard.

Mark Vassallo is the Wizard of Oz fashion. All the biggest and best shows at Australian Fashion Week? Mark’s behind the curtain. Former Fashion Director and Editor-at-Large at Harper’s Bazaar, Producer, Creative Director, mentor, he is the single-most influential individual in shaping and presenting Australia’s vibrant fashion direction. In the past year Mark has collaborated on the runway for Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Lover, Camilla and Marc, Romance Was Born, Ksubi and Kanye West — and now we're excited to announce that he will be an Oyster collaborator for MBFWA this year. Mark will be documenting everything from castings to exclusive backstage sneak-peeks in his own distinctive style. As showtime approaches, we thought it was time for you to take a peek at the man behind the beard.

Harpers Bazaar. Eva. Shot by Justin Smith.

Oyster: What was the craziest request you have received when working with a designer?
Mark Vassallo: Most of my crazy requests come from Romance Was Born, they have amazing imaginations, and I'm usually the one to say “no”. I’m a realist so crazy requests — unless one can pay for it — generally piss me off.

What was your highlight of RAFW 2011?
The Josh Goot show in the Ford building. I lived across the road from the venue and watched it for two years wanting to do a show there, and was very happy when the day came and I got to work on a great show there, and then walk home drunk.

Mark Magazine. Sophie and Gemma Ward. Shot by Justin Smith.

... And give us five words for 2012…
Teddy bears, comic books, skaters, gypsies and budget cuts.

You currently work on fashion projects all around the world, what’s your favourite place to work/live?
Work: Paris. Live: in the sun.

Petit Mal #2.

Best thing about being an Aussie?
Koala bears.

Tell us why you love the internet so much.
‘Cause I like to work in my pyjamas.

Dion Lee RAFW 2011.

Can you take Oyster readers through the ultimate day in the life of Mark Vassallo…
I love to work. Nowadays when I work I go hard, but also enjoy life without work. I swim, sleep, cook, make jewelry, ride my bike, and travel.
Favourite taste?
Tea with soy milk and honey.

Favourite sight?

Josh Goot RAFW 2011.

Favourite smell?
Fire crackers.

Favourite sound?

Favourite feeling?

Camilla and Marc RAFW 2011.

iPhone or Blackberry?

Shoes or bare feet?
Sneakers and bare feet but probably bare feet.

Lover RAFW 2011.

Beach or front row?

Describe your relationship with Oyster in three words.
Fun, fast, fruity. I styled the cover shoot for the first ever issue; a mermaid! I’m happy to see where it is now, it’s the best print [publication] and website in Australia for sure.

Tell us a secret.

Kanye West, Paris.


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